Assessment and the Web; an illustration

For the past months I have been researching innovative approaches to “assessment” on the web; I have read a lot of articles and papers (I even helped write one), listened to many people talk about it and argue over it, and have come to one conclusion; Assessment has more first and last names than a secret agent in international missions; There is embedded assessment, formative assessment, evidence based, peer assessment, game based assessment (a personal favorite) stealth assessment and self assessment, the list goes on. As a result when discussing online assessment there is one thing that becomes very clear; nobody is quite sure what it really means! Which I personally think is a good thing, since I feel that when designing assessment for the web we should look at many different theories and apply whatever pieces fit the best. However, being the visual type I couldn’t help but draw a small illustration of assessment and the web. Let me know if you found it helpful!Assessment-and-the-web
* If you want to delve deeper into assessment here are some good starting points;

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