Game On Competition; Build the next generation of web-based games

We are thrilled to announce today at Mozilla that we are launching Game On; a competition calling all developers, designers, youth and educators to build the next generation of web based games.
We are asking you to use bleeding edge Web technologies to invent new game mechanics, create new story lines, engage diverse audiences, introduce aesthetically challenging content.
  • Make browser-based mobile games, hackable gamesand games for learning
  • Win a trip to the Game Developers Conference  to meet industry pioneers.
  • Have your completed game featured in Mozilla's Marketplace.
  • Submissions open on December3, 2012 and close February 20, 2013. For more info and updates stay tuned here.

Why is Mozilla doing this?
If you are wondering (and pondering) why is Mozilla interested in games, let me gladly bring you up to speed with all the game-full things we have been doing;
First things first; Mozilla has been developing some cutting edge tools that push the limits of what gaming looks like on the web such as BrowserQuest  and Bananabread; To find out more about them make sure to follow Mozilian Rob Hawkes’ masterful writings and talks here.
Meanwhile we are also building a Mozilla Hackable Games Lab; a virtual lab to create, tinker, and play with games that use the web as a platform and like the web itself, are hackable by design

We hope  hackable games will be fun for people who like games — and a huge potential for webmaking and learning. -Mark Surman
For more background on Hackable Games you can check this post by yours truly .

With Game On we are hoping to both explore what gaming looks like on the web but also tie into many other projects that we are doing here at Mozilla; from FirefoxOS to Webmaker, we are asking you to re-imagine the Web as the (gaming) platform;
  • to make; we are empowering people to move from consumption to creation. In specific not only play games but start making their own; Games that represent who players are and what they like.

  • to learn; use games to teach digital literacy and web making skills such as programming, design thinking and empathy.
  • to share; we are inviting the world to remix, make and share amazing games on the web.

So if all this is getting you as excited as this Gangham Style Pikachu ==> here is how you can be part of it;

  • Join us at the Mozilla Festival Game Arcade; (London 9-11 Nov)
    • Got a game idea for the competition you’d like help testing and finishing up? 
    • Want to showcase a new technology or teach others how to use it?
    • Interested in playing with new technologies and meeting people who love making and  hacking games as much as you do?
    Come hack with us in a series of over 20 sessions with Mind Candy, Six to Start, MakieLab, BabyCastles, Minecraft EDU, Gaming Mozilla Labs, CERN, Quest to Learn, NYU Poly Game Innovation Lab, MIT Lifelong Kindergarten, Play My Code, Gigantic Mechanic, Owlchemy Labs, and Craftyy.

  • Submit your Game at the “Game On” Competition.
    Submissions open on December3, 2012 and close February 20, 2013. Sign Up for updates here. And don’t forget to check last time’s winners here.

I will close this blogpost with a specially themed Zelda tune to get you all inspired to go make them games ^^

ps. a special shout out to fellow Mozillians for pulling this launch together so fast and  furiously, helping one way or another with their expertise; Ross Bruniges, Chris Appleton, Ben Moskowitz, Matt Thompson, Rob Hawkes, Dees Chinniah, John Bevan, Erin Knight, Ryan Merkley, Sean Martell, Jamie Lockwood and Julie Choi.

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